Cultural Initiatives


KALISPERA 2nd edition at Villa Excelsa SANNICOLA (THE) 4 – 13 – 27 July Visions of evening meetings, Books, sounds, Art & nbsp;


Bari Annalisa and Tonino Guarino present TIES OF BLOOD and. Giuseppe Laterza at Villa Excelsa Via delle Viole Sannicola 12 December 2011 – 18.30

FOGLI D’AUTUNNO – 5° appointment

FOGLI D’AUTUNNO 5° app. SANNICOLA (THE), Villa Excelsa. Saturday 15 December at 19:00 “The magic of cinema. Visions of the invisible” Giuliano Capani, and. Aracne. The volume, rich in examples, analysis of film, tables and photographs, addresses the issue of making films in an interdisciplinary perspective drawing on recent research in philosophy, psychology, physics, neuroestetica, neurolinguistic programming, […]

Dolcelibro 2009

Dolcelibro 2009 Dedicated to Light Marinetti 12 torte x 12 Books 15 – 16 December at 18 Villa Excelsa Sannicola