Cenacle of the Rose – 07 February 2014

Upper Room at the Villa Rose Excelsa

Friday 07 February 2014

cenacolo del salento evento

We are pleased to host this food and wine event , so’ stimulant , full of rose wine , that your association established ,” The Last Supper by Rosato” , tries to make known also because it is the history of our civilization and of’ wine of Salento.

Therefore, we have helped to create a menu with traditional food in the spirit of innovative cuisine.
For members and friends and fans send the invitation in pdf format, Full price.



the rose wine

pettole and Argentine (so-called "minoscia")
wine: Southeast Rosé - winery Conti Zecca
chicory and ricotta pie Arneo
Pitta potatoes and onion stew with caruselle
wine: Rosé of the Cenacle
casserole of eggplant and violet gallipoli
bluefish tuna and veils
small tube of sea
tria with chick peas and mussels
– combination of extra virgin olive oil certified D.O.P.
Terra d'Otranto, Faiulo – Presicce (The)
traditional sweets
pittedde mustard
spumone mattone
wine: Aleatico - cantina Santa Barbara


Gazzetta Del Mezzogiorno di Lecce - XVIII di Venerdì 7 Febbraio 2014

Official Del Mezzogiorno di Lecce – XVIII di Venerdì 7 February 2014



Article about the event :

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