COURTESY VISIT Lorenzo Polimeno from 22 April of 8 June

After the success of the previous events back to the COURTESY VISIT Lorenzo Polimeno: Salento, the artist once again pays homage with its exhibitions the old houses in the beautiful Salento choosing as the location Villa Excelsa Sannicola.

Immersed in a large green, located a few kilometers from Gallipoli, Villa Excelsa host, from 22 April 8th June, in its historical and beautiful interior rooms, the works of Lorenzo Polimeno.


The artist and literary author was born in Salento 1952 Sogliano Cavour (THE). His works often polimateriche, present the use of different materials, come gesso, glue, paint, enamel, oil, acrylic, transfer con emulsioni, inkjet and digital art on canvas, PVC, wood, masonite fresata, cardboard and assemblies.

The critic writes Carmel Cipriani: "That is a painting of Polimeno innovative style, imaginative subjects, contemporary techniques […], So here's the winning formula of the artist Salento: the reality investigated in the deep, stripped of the superfluous and has a new life, that intimism.

Engaged for years in the development of a language peculiar, the artist moves in the name of what we might call “Marginalismo ", provocative proposal of a polycentric world, terms of trade between joint centers and unsubordinated ยป.