Cultural Initiatives

COURTESY VISIT Lorenzo Polimeno from 22 April of 8 June

After the success of the events preceding the return COURTESY VISIT Lorenzo Polimeno: Salento the artist once again pays homage with its exhibitions the old houses in Salento choosing as location the beautiful Villa Excelsa Sannicola. Immersed in a large green, located a few kilometers from Gallipoli, Villa Excelsa host, from 22 […]

Tribute to Vittorio Bodini – 23 March 2014

Villa Excelsa , home art taste and beauty, Sannicola , will host the event "TRIBUTE TO VITTORIO BODINI" "For a ransom of rosé of Salento and its entire territory" By de “The Cenacle of the Supreme Estimators and Maximum Rosé Wine Tasters” and collaboration of Cibusalento Program : hours 19:00 - Introduction […]

Cenacle of the Rose – 07 February 2014

Cenacle of Rosato at Villa Excelsa Friday 07 February 2014 We are pleased to host this food and wine event , so’ stimulant , full of rose wine , that your association established ,” The Last Supper by Rosato” , tries to make known also because it is the history of our civilization and of’ wine of Salento. Therefore we helped […]


An initiative promoted by the Region of the Mediterranean culture Puglia_Assessorato Tourism in collaboration with the Association of Deans of Books Patronage of Sannicola Ass. The Presidium of Culture of the Book / Archive of Artist's book presents VerbaManent < NOTTURNI D’AUTORE > Villa Excelsa – SANNICOLA House of Beauty arte_di gusto_di Dedicated to Doris Lessing ", singer of the female experience," "a bad guy that […]


The Presidium of the Book / Archive of the Artist's book VerbaManent City of Sannicola – Department of Culture Department for Equal Opportunities >presents< KALISPERA 4 _2013 Listen Sounds Visions of the evening 17 – 24 – 31 July 2013 Hours 20.30 Villa Excelsa Sannicola (Lecce) dwelling arte_ of gusto_ Beauty Dedicated to Margherita Hack, friend of the stars

Dolcelibro 2012 4Edition

DOLCELIBRO 2012 4Edition 12 torte x 1 Book festive banquet between samples of readings, flavors Casellati, color harmonies, kingship of aromas 28 novembre ore 20 at Villa Excelsa Sannicola

KALISPERA 3 – 2012

The Presidium of the Book / Archive of the Artist's book VerbaManent Archive Artist's Book “DROSOS” presenta KALISPERA 3 _ 2012 Listening and Visions of the evening / second horizon NATURALIA – ANIMALIA International exhibition of artists' books Villa Excelsa – Sannicola 9 – 12 July 2012 hours 20.30 – 23.00

Dolcelibro 2011 3Edition

DOLCELIBRO 2011 – 3^ And. 13 torte x 1 Book festive banquet between samples of readings, chiseled flavors, color harmonies, kingship of aromas 27 May at 20 Villa Excelsa Sannicola

_incontri to the cube

Kube space letteriario Verbament Cultural Association Sannicola >have< _ Dating to the cube library kube _ gallipoli 9 – 13 – 15 – 29 Participation in July dinner with authors, VILLA presso Excelsis, Sannicola (Lecce)


KALISPERA 2nd edition at Villa Excelsa SANNICOLA (THE) 4 – 13 – 27 July Visions of evening meetings, Books, sounds, Art & nbsp;