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Villa Excelsa – SANNICOLA
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Dedicato a Doris Lessing
", Singer of the female experience"
"A bad guy who was very fond of cats"

Thursday 12 dicembre h. 19.30
NeroNotte, Romance of Love and Death "of Paul Vincenti
Wave of the culture, prof. Marzio Springs
Presentation : Magdalene Castegnaro Presidium of the Book
Raffaella Verdesca (writer)
Dramatized reading: Justine De Iaco, actress
Comment musical: Silvia Boccadamo_chitarrista

Tuesday 17 dicembre h 19.30
The body taken with philosophy. Body building, Cosmetic Surgery, cloning, Di Tommaso Ariemma
Presentation: Magdalene Castegnaro, Presidio Book
Mario Carparelli, Faculty of Humanities, University of Salento
Paul Vincenti, writer

In the Hall of the Mosaic in the beautiful setting of VILLA EXCELSA (the name of the centuries-old palm overlooking the magnificent park entrance), dwelling arte_di taste of beauty, meet the public two authors, different backgrounds and training, but united by the same passion for writing, and critical questioning look but also to the contemporary flow of the intimate lives and thoughts of venturing into philosophy,nell’arte, in poetry, beauty : Paul Vincenti Ruffano (Lecce), Tommaso Ariemma Naples.
"NeroNotte, Romance of Love and Death ", Paul Vincenti published in May 2013, is a romance of love and death, story of a man suspended over the existential abyss, an acrobat balancing on the tightrope night between dream and reality, between salvation and damnation that at dawn, as it happens in a nightmare, slips away into oblivion with no memory of waking up.
The novel focuses in the space of a night when a series of chance encounters projected into the consciousness of Ermanno, the protagonist, the exact scan of the failure of its existence. He lives in exile in an attic on the city suspended, where the constant ebb and flow of night noises evaporating from the teeming streets condenses in the dim light of a bare consciousness groping and then finally drown, at the end of a path of pain, to reach the first light of a new day.
The author borrows the protagonist-writer for his beloved and failed painter- from the literary topos dell'inetto, from the category of incapable, visionaries and neurotic so dear to a long literary tradition which finds in Dostoevsky and Italo Svevo two of its greatest representatives. Crushed by the company, traditions, by family, bourgeois ethic with no second thoughts, and unable to react and redeem, the protagonist moves in a highly symbolic texture that gives a lot of psychological introspection and to a stream of consciousness that sometimes seems to cloak everything, leaving open the same principle of reality and the final opening to a double interpretation.
The novel, prosette interspersed with some lyrics that are assigned to the same protagonist, is a bitter and sincere reflection on life that the author leads along the tracks theme dearest to him, Come eros, the passage of time , disillusionment, death and conception of art as a mastery of bourgeois conventions.
The autore
Paul Vincenti, journalist and writer,has published numerous novels and writings found in various magazines and salting on the web: The cuckoo clock (Good times), The poets of The Man and the Sea, Arsapo of Volos (The green ray), Writing tests (Agave), Di Parabita and gave Parabitani (Il Laboratory), Danze odern (Agave), Salve. Dating, times, places(Dell'Iride), From time to time (Think), The second-hand dealer's shop (Wolf, 2012)

The short essay by Thomas Ariemma, "The body taken with philosophy. Body building, Cosmetic Surgery, cloning ", is built around a number of questions: what philosophy has to say about the decision to get a girl of vampire teeth? And what could, instead, Schwarzenegger to teach philosophy? Why should we, per capire Facebook, listen to St. Augustine? Why cosmetic surgery is becoming more common among men? And because the clone would be the soul of pop culture?

Explosion of physical culture in the sixties to the spectrum of cloning, by the spread of cosmetic surgery to control spasmodic our picture on social networks, This book explores the truth of the contemporary body, through mass culture and its image, mainly populated by vampires, clones, zombies.

The autore
Thomas Ariemma teaches Aesthetics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce. Among his most recent publications: Images and bodies. Da Deleuze a Sloterdijk(Aracne 2010), Against the false beauty. Philosophy of cosmetic surgery (Il melangolo 2010), Aesthetics. Manual for Young Artists (Aracne 2012), The world after the end of the world. Facebook, Contemporary art, the philosophy (et al. 2012), Aesthetics of the event. Essay on Alain Badiou (Mimesis 2012).

"A human being is part of a whole called Universe. He experiences his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest:a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of knowledge and understanding, so as to include all living creatures and the whole of nature in its”

Albert Einstein


Head of the Presidium of the Book of SANNICOLA (Lecce)
Head of Archives Artist's Book VERBAMANENT SANNICOLA (Lecce)

PROJECT THEME 2012 Presidio Book:

Naturalia and Animalia
Research and reflection on issues, wait, specificity of nature and the animal world

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